Concussions and Teleconcussion Services

Concussions can occur as the result of trauma associated with sports, the workplace or in the setting of a motor vehicle accident, with or without a loss of consciousness.  We offer traditional evaluations to determine the presence or extent of impairment related to a concussion.  
Liberty Health Group is participating in the design and delivery of specialized "TELECONCUSSION"  services, and welcomes collaboration with other clinical and academic programs.  Utilizing state-of-the-art technology, athletes who have experienced a sports related concussion can be evaluated "courtside" or on the sideline to assess the degree or extent of concussion.  As a result of this rapid assessment, guidance can be given to the coaching staff or other supervisory staff to determine appropriate return-to-play (or school) or treatment options and needs.  In addition to comprehensive teleconcussion follow-up services, traditional evaluation services can be implemented in a much more time efficient fashion.

Liberty Health Group works collaboratively with local schools and sport officials to identify children and young adults who may have suffered a concussion or more serious head injury.  Our diagnostic exams can assist with "return to play"  decisions as well as defining appropriate learning accomodations.  brain_pic

     If there is a suspected injury, contact us to schedule an exam.  

To evaluate how TELECONCUSSION services can benefit your school or district, please call Dr. Duome for a program consultation. 

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