The brain is subject to many forces, including trauma, disease and the aging process.  Changes in cognition can be the "normal" process of getting older, or represent the early phases of dementia or other cognitive problem.  This is the time to consider a formal evaluation to help answer these critical questions:
     I've noticed some memory it dementia?

     Should my mother be living alone? 

     Can my father safely drive an automobile? 

     Can he make decisions or sign legal documents on his own?
     Specialized geriatric assessments provide information regarding cognitive and functional abilities of older patients. These evaluations provide critical feedback to attending physicians, family, and legal professionals. Documentation of functional abilities, decision-making, and disease presence or progression help patients and their families make life planning or potential placement decisions. 

     Consultation is also available to help families address critical decisions regarding placement or long term care options.  Liberty Health Group has clinical affiliations with multiple long term care facilities in the area.
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