Our group provides unique and specialized examinations approved by the FAA. The Cogscreen-Aeromedical Edition, which was designed for pilots and aviation professionals, is available at Liberty Health Group. Depending upon the reason for referral, this exam may be administered independently or incorporated into a more comprehensive neuropsychological examination. 

     If you have been contacted for such  an exam, the FAA or your designated medical examiner will provide specific details and guidance as to which exams are required for maintenance or renewal of your special issuance medical certificate.

     In the event of injury or an acute medical event or other significant health condition you may be asked to undergo a 
standard neuropsychological examination, which may be covered under your traditional insurance plan. However, exams required for medical certificate renewal or special issuance certificates are viewed as elective in nature and are not covered under your insurance. We can provide you with the fee for this service, based on the tests needed, when you call for your appointment.  

With our work with airline professionals, we recognize the sense of urgency with "deadlines", details and oftentimes complex flight schedules.  As such, we will work with you to try to accommodate your busy s

Dr. Duome, the head of Liberty Health Group, recognizes the special needs of pilots and aviation professionals and is a commercially licensed pilot with an instrument rating.  He is also designated as an FAA Advanced Ground Instructor.


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