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     Liberty Health Group is a neuropsychology practice devoted to the assessment of brain related trauma and disorders.  Our specialized examinations are used to assess brain function or dysfunction.  The results are then incorporated into specific treatment plans, academic accommodations, or assist in other legal, occupational or life decisions.    
     Each personalized exam is designed to answer a specific question regarding the presence of brain related injury, the extent of a disease process and its impact on cognition, or the extent of a learning related disorder. 
     We also provide specialized clinical     evaluations for the aviation community, pre-employment examinations as may be required for specialized jobs such as police or security careers, and pre-surgical evaluations (e.g., neurosurgical). Some evaluations entail further consultations regarding a person's response to a critical incident and his or her ability or "fitness" to return to work.

     Additionally, we provide consultations with other medical and legal professionals regarding the neuropsychological components of brain related disorders and trauma.  We are interested in developing "teleconcussion" services to  provide schools and districts with a new technology for the assessment and rapid triage of concussed athletes.

     Comprehensive neuropsychological examinations are clinically indicated and medically necessary when a variety of symptoms or "signs" are noted by a medical professional or family member. Considerations for a comprehensive neuropsychological examination can include such events or conditions as:

»Concussion or Head Trauma

»Dementia or suspected dementia

»New or unexplained learning difficulties

»Strokes or "mini strokes"

»Memory loss

»Fluctuations or changes in mental status (e.g., bouts of confusion or disorientation )

»Changes in language or speech

»When chronic medical illness compromises cognition (e.g., chronic renal failure, liver disease, diabetes, COPD, etc.)

»Heart failure or heart attack

»Unexplained changes in or behavior or personality

»Parkinson's disease

»Multiple sclerosis

»Neurotoxic exposure


If you have any questions regarding the appropriateness of a neuropsychological examination, our staff will be happy to provide guidance.

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